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Our Mission

To provide our guests the best tastin' Bar-B-Que experience you can find, at a fair price, through the combination of quality food, menu selection, friendly, quick customer service and a clean, welcoming environment.

We want our customers to "crave" our product and seek it out for its taste...


About Dexter Bar-B-Que

Our Process

We have been mastering the art of barbequing for 37 years.  Come on in and try our "Renowned" Bar-B-Que.  Dexter Bar-B-Que is the "Real Deal"....Genuine Slow Pit-Smoked Missouri Bar-B-Que - High quality meats slow smoked (briskets up to 15 hours) in our wood burning Bar-B-Que pits.  Experienced Bar-B-Que cooks and those who understand the mouth-watering goodness of real Bar-B-Que know, too, the meaning of commitment.  Great barbeque doesn't just happen: it takes slow, even heat, the right blend of smoke, seasoning, sauce and patience before the savory flavor of meat is revealed.  To be sure, commitment to the details matters.  And our pits, known in the industry as the Porsche of the pit world, allows us to tend to the details (see Southern Pride for more information).  Our pits use fireplace-size logs to create that distinctive genuine flavor, aroma, color and texture; and the special convection air system recirculates the smoke and heat throughout the chamber, cooking every piece of meat slowly and uniformly, assuring that genuine barbeque flavor.  

Folks, if you're paying for Ribs, Beef Briskets, Chickens, and Smoked Turkey, that are cooked in a little oven back in the kitchen at some hamburger joint, you just don't have all the information.  Read On!

To produce our "Renowned" Ribs, Dexter Bar-B-Que first starts with the best base product we can find, not just any old pork rib will do......we use the "back rib" and make sure that our sides are more than 3 pounds. 
Dexter Bar-B-Que ProcessYes, it is more expensive, but that is what it takes to differentiate us from the rest!  Then each side of ribs goes through a special 3-stage preparation process; hand trimming and spicing to ensure consistency, followed by hand rubbing each slab with our special spices.  Finally, they are ready for the final touch ......slowly hickory-smoke them in our top of the line wood burning pits.  You'll definitely taste the difference of a Dexter Bar-B-Que rib versus our competitors saucy "cover ups" necessary.  And we insure that the same level of details that produce our ribs, goes into our beef, pork, turkey, chicken, sides and desserts.

Do you think that one of those chain hamburger joints trying to sell Ribs and Bar-B-Que can do that?

All Dexter Bar-B-Que restaurants provide convenient drive-thru or call ahead for pick up service.  And if you need some Bar-B-Que catering....Dexter Bar-B-Que's catering is perfect anytime, any place.

Y'all come on in and eat sum....

Company Profile

The founder of Dexter Bar-B-Que, Inc. started learning the business as a youngster, working the pits of a local restaurant in the evening hours after school and weekends.  These years of being at "ground-level" enabled him to master the art of the Bar-B-Que process....smoke, meat and seasoning.

After years of cookin' and tastin' and having an entrepreneur spirit he decided he had to share his special, "smokeology" talent with other folks.  So, in 1983 Dexter Bar-B-Que was officially founded as a mobile Bar-B-Que service specializing in grocery store promotions and catering.  This allowed Dexter-Bar-B-Que, Inc. to build a significant reputation, over a large geographic area, for qualitative, great-tasting Bar-B-Que.
Dexter Bar-B-Que History
This business success evolved into a 32-seat physical location in Dexter, Missouri in 1991.  Then a 76-seat location was added in Sikeston, Missouri in 1994, followed by an upgrade of the Dexter location to 90-seats in 1996.  In 1999, the Dexter location moved to a new site with 146 seats.  Finally, to capitalize on the ever growing market demand for our great-tasting Bar-B-Que, a new multi-million dollar, 244-seat location was built in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 2002.  In 2005, the Sikeston location was fully upgraded and modernized, including the addition of a drive-thru facility.

Customer acceptance has been proven and the quality and taste of the product is widely known and sought after.  Regular and repeat customers cross many age demographics, and families are frequent diners.  And this continued success led to the late 2013 expansion in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and in early 2014 to Jackson, Missouri and Farmington, Missouri

Dexter-Bar-B-Que's history of performance, and providing quick, high-quality Bar-B-Que food service, is the model that we take pride in; and one that we will continue to improve to make sure that our loyal (and future) customers get the best good eatin' experience available and keep comin' back for more...

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